Make Amazon Order Emails Useful Again

Since I have the power to move mountains, I’m going to try again.

Amazon, this is not a useful order confirmation email:

It doesn’t tell me what I ordered. So:

  1. I don’t get a solid off-site confirmation of what I ordered.
  2. I can’t search my email to find that order.

We’re coming up on the two-year anniversary of this change. At the time, the consensus seems to be Amazon wanting to avoid sales data being mined from mass email reading. Summed up by John Gruber:

Almost certainly they’re doing this to thwart email-scraping data harvesters from obtaining information about Amazon sales.

So we the customers are being usability-punished because of invasive privacy practices of multi-billion dollar companies. Neato. Y’all got enough money, give us useful order emails again.