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The Ballad of High Noon

It was the last day of a bluegrass festival I was at one time. The very last day—that morning where all the fun is over and all that’s left is to break down camp and go home. Everyone is tired. Hungover. Sun is already beating down. Do not forsake me oh my darling One of […]

That Time I Did a Music Video

I was in a folk-y band in college-and-beyond called The Missing String Band. We probably played… many hundred?… gigs. Nothing major. Most local and normal Every Wednesday at The Grumpy Troll in Mt. Horeb! Beerfest! Some very strange. Civil War Reenactment! We only have one recording we ever tried and it didn’t turn out amazing […]

Who’s Quote?

I have a little website where I’ve collected Quotes on Design for a long time. I don’t keep it up as well as I should, but hey, there are a bunch of quotes on design there. It takes submissions for new quotes. An observation that has held nearly 100% true: If someone submits a quote […]


I found this note I jotted down: Next time you ask for a favor, you should see if you can reciprocate the favor before you even ask. Seems like something I would write down. I probably felt stronger about it at the time than I do now. I’m thinking now when you’re in a position […]


I enjoyed reading Malcolm Gladwell’s (article? newsletter?) How the Private Golf Clubs of Los Angeles Can Right Their Wrongs, a follow-up to a half-decade old podcast A Good Walk Spoiled about private golf clubs: After all, the taxes on a decent-sized Beverly Hills half-acre lot might easily exceed $100,000. But the fancy golf clubs of […]

The Zoo

I assume you, like me, have had endless thoughts about other life in the universe. The universe is infinitely big, right? And there are more observable stars than grains of sand on Earth? That’s… uncomfortable. Clearly, there isn’t only other life in the universe but lots of it. So why aren’t we aware of it? […]

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