That Time I Did a Music Video

I was in a folk-y band in college-and-beyond called The Missing String Band. We probably played… many hundred?… gigs. Nothing major. Most local and normal Every Wednesday at The Grumpy Troll in Mt. Horeb! Beerfest! Some very strange. Civil War Reenactment! We only have one recording we ever tried and it didn’t turn out amazing and it was never published.

I was in another band, The Groggers, in which we only played… a few dozen?… shows but we actually did get a recording out of. Not as fun as our (rowdy!) live shows, but turned out pretty good. Just the other day I was telling a story and it reminded me of that one time we shot a music video, which I hadn’t thought of in years:

ALT: Four men walk through the woods. One of them throws (litters) a booze bottle. It hits another dude and he’s pissed. He chases after them and there is a bunch of silly fighting. During the fighting, one dude finds a 12 pack of beer and they stop fighting to drink it.

(Keeping a copy on my own server now too.)

The video is technically for an original we did (Scott McCormick wrote it) called “Tear Down These Walls”, but really there are two originals we snuck parts of into the video, plus a classic Wild Rover ending. Kinda cool.

In the world, immoral and unkind
I’ll be here, at the front of the line
Spitting at the devil, making iron mountains fall
So have another shot boys and we’ll tear down these walls



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