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I must have saw Commando when I was like 5 years old, because I drew Arnold a lot based on old saved drawings I was going through. What? You don’t recognize the rectangle with four holes on the end of it?

Rick Steves, Cool Dude.

I have no idea how I started watching Rick Steve’s Europe. It’s a long-running travel show about all sorts of places in Europe, and I hate to say it, but doesn’t even feel that particularly well-done to me. He’s this sorta white bread dude American dude with bland high-level generic opinions about things and a […]

Unmasking The Most Viral Page On Facebook

From a recent Garbage Day by Ryan Broderick: The one mystery we weren’t able to figure out is why any sane person working at Facebook would feel comfortable publishing a content report that admitted that the most viral publisher on its platform this year was a barely active drop-shipping scam page full of stolen video […]

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