Halt and Catch Fire

I watched the whole series this year. I had a false start or two when I first started watching, but like all great shows, they require you to actually pay attention to them, to get sucked in. It’s now easily in my top 10 shows ever (I’ll have to take a stab at that list some time).

Yeah, I’m a computer guy and it’s about old school computer stuff. I’d say it pre-dates my formative years by a half decade or so, but not by enough to feel unrelatable. But it’s not even the computer stuff that made it great. By the end, as you can imagine, the show is made by the people, their incredible arcs, and their relationships.

But much more subversively, as James Poniewozik says:

above all, β€œHalt and Catch Fire” was about failure. Which was part of what made the show a triumph.