Lots Happening at CodePen

Crazy times over at CodePen.

We closed $1,000,000 friends & family round of funding. We talk about it here.

We hired our first employee. We’re just finalizing our second and third and have a fourth lined up. Incredibly, the easy part was getting our top choices to say yes. But it’s also complicated and lots of work.

We’re working with expert consultants. We worked with Percona on a major database migration and David Desandro on some incredible enhancements to our editor.

We’ve launched a major redesign with the help of Sparkbox, which is documented here.

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  1. I love CodePen. Keep up the great work. It was because of CodePen that I began learning about NodeJS. My website is currently just one I put together using a tutorial from stoneriveracademy but eventually I hope for it to become something as clean, simple and clever as your site here.

    Keep up the great work!

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