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Kitt Hodsden and I think alike:

Last time I went to buy socks, I bought 32 pairs of socks, all white, all of the same style. These 32 pairs of socks replaced the remaining 10 pairs of white socks I had purchased years before. I had decided long ago to optimize for efficiency, both at laundry time and in the morning. By buying socks all of the same color and style, I didn’t have to pair them when folding my clothes. I also didn’t have to worry about grabbing socks in the morning, I grabbed two socks from the basket and off I went.

She has found that buying novelty socks brings her joy, so has moved away from THE SYSTEM. But I still like it. I have found her “optimizing for delight” in other areas though. For a long time I only bought black picture frames, for a simple elegant consistency at home. But at some point I went screw it and started getting frames more suited to the artwork and it’s way better.