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I’ve been fascinated with the idea of living somewhere cold and remote forever. Someday I’ll do it. Of course Antarctica: A Year On Ice is right up my alley. I’m not sure what the fascination is exactly. I think forced-community through proximity and harsh conditions is part of it.

Northern Exposure is my favorite show of all time.

I have a Chicken, Alaska T-Shirt, and their FAQ is great.

What about mail?
What about it?
Do you get any?
Yes, mail arrives by plane Tuesdays and Fridays of every week. Chicken has had continual mail service since 1906
Okay. So, where are the bathrooms?
Chicken has no central plumbing. But you’re welcome to use the outhouse.
Oh. How many people live in Chicken anyway?
It varies. The year-round population is usually between 17 and 37, depending on who you ask. Miners in the summer boost the population up to over 100.

Whittier, Alaska is also fascinating: “everyone lives, works and goes to school in the same building.”

Elizabeth Galle told me about the blog Sandwich Girl, and I’m eating it up. It begins in 2006 when she hadn’t even left yet for the first year on ice. And goes up until last year when she got married there in the mechanic shop.

I love stuff like the music scene:

booking your gig: it’s not hard. you call sean in recreation. you say ‘hi sean, i have a band. we’d like to play a gig.’ he says,’great, where and when?’