August 2014



I’ve been “called out” a couple of times now on this whole charity bandwagon that’s been going around. Ice Bucket and Give and Tell. My turn to address it with some O P I N I O N S and whatnot. I’ve never heard of ALS before this challenge. As I understand it, that’s the […]

Iceland in August

Day One We took an overnight flight and arrived at the Keflavík International Airport about 9am. The airport is about 45 minutes from Reykjavík. It used to be a part of a U.S. military base, not a public airport. There is an airport in Reykjavík but it’s too small for todays huge jets, so Keflavík […]

Slow Feel

I’m often slow in sorting out how I feel about Major World Events. The events are often hugely complicated and far outside areas of my expertise. I typically try on a few emotional reactions internally. “I’m outraged!” I’ll attempt to tell myself, only to have it not fit. “This is how these things go.” I’ll […]

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