March 2014


Mr. McCormick and the Case of the Very Large Television Set

My story from the brand new book Graphic Content: True Stories from Top Creatives, curated by Brian Singer. I roll up to Scott’s house about seven in the morning. I think my text wakes him up. He has me wait outside while he gets ready to go. It’s the kind of house on the kind […]

Netflix Wow

They just seem to do so much right. Arrested Development, Orange is the New Black, Lilyhammer, House of Cards… Comedy specials by Brian Posehn, John Hodgman, Mike Birbiglia and Aziz Ansari… And now saving The Killing and Trailer Park Boys… That’s not even half of the cool stuff they have done. Even when they did […]


Pounds, that is. Making today my adult lightest. With an awareness that weight isn’t the only important health metric. I’m also at my strongest and best stamina. Still a way to go though to be kinda “all the way healthy” as I think of it.

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