So Close

I’ve been Platinum on Delta for a number of years. I got pretty dang close to Diamond last year.


Then the year flips and back to square one:


The only way to hit Diamond on Delta is to have a really heavy-flying calendar year and fake it at the end if you need to by buying a few miles or taking some extra segments or something.

I’ll probably never hit it since I don’t plan to travel as much in upcoming years. Just kind of a bummer to know that you can’t work your way up to it. It happens in one year or not at all. I also don’t even know what you get for it, but it’s gamified so obviously I want to reach the top.

It also seems weird that once you do get it, you have it forever, but if you get super close a bunch of years in a row, that doesn’t count for squat. I guess that’s more gamification.

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