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Dealing with Photos: Still Awkward

I have a folder on my desktop containing some pictures that different relatives took during the holidays and sent me. Some via text message. Some via email. Some via Facebook. They sent the photos however they happened to have learned how to do it once. I didn’t sense any great level of confidence in the process.

Now I have them. I like them. I want to keep them. I use Flickr for my online photo storage. But I don’t want to put them there, because then it looks like I took them and I didn’t. I use iPhoto locally. I’d just put them there, but I have to keep my iPhoto library on a bogus, slow, external hard drive because the library is too big to keep on my laptop hard drive all the time. I don’t want to set all that up just to move a few photos over. I only go through all that after a trip or something when I have a bunch of photos from a digital camera to dump.

It’s surprising that photo sharing and photo storage is still as awkward as it is.