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I was recently in Scotland for a trip. Purely for fun, with friends. We stayed in Stirling at a rental home called Newholme House operated by Nikki and David Callander. It was lovely. Here’s some photos, mostly from the house.

We took day trips out. One was to Oban, which people may recognize as the name of a fairly popular scotch. I quite liked the city as well as the scotch. The distillery tour there was fun (my first). One thing that stuck with me is that scotch is aged in U.S. bourbon barrels. There is a law in the U.S. that barrels cannot be re-used. So scotch distilleries buy them from the U.S. (likely from huge places like Jim Beam) and use them to age scotch. Since they have been used already (Oban actually uses them a third time around, purchased from another scotch distiller) they infuse less flavor into the scotch, like a used tea bag would put less flavor into water the second/third time used.