Comparison Chart by an Extrovert

There may be a bit of an anti-extrovert vibe to some of the introvert stuff I post. Unintentional. I don’t think any reasonable introvert would call all extroverts obnoxious soul-sucking jerks. But at the same time, extroverts are often the source of exhaustion and frustration for an introvert so when comparing them the language might get a bit biased.

That’s why I found this chart by Errol Elumir (an extrovert) interesting.

I ran across another Extrovert vs Introvert chart and once again it pegs extroverts as selfish prats, but cries foul about how not all introverts are shy. I don’t think any of the charts are written with any input by an extrovert.

So I found a chart and based this one on it.


Seems fair to me.

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