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Massively plays Gemstone

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Beau Hindman played Gemstone IV for MUD May. I get powerfully nostalgic over Gemstone (which has been open for 25 years nonstop). It was my life for many many years. It’s an absolutely amazing game that I have no regrets getting into to the depths that I did. It’s pretty unbelievable that it’s still going today. It’s literally text scrolling by on a screen.

It was fun to hear him talk to Eric Latham, who I’d never heard of it but was the producer of these games for over 15 years. Eric started playing DragonRealms (also a Simutronics game) about the same time I started Gemstone. Eric said they still get 400-500 people during primetime for both Gemstone and DragonRealms.

The minimum you can pay for Gemstone is $14.95 a month. For $39.95 you get Premium (extra features) or for $49.95 you get a separate instance of the game with a “closer-knit” community of players.

I’d love to see how their business model breaks down. If they had ~2500 subscribers over all their games at ~$20/month, that’s $50k/month net. In 2008 they had 45 employees and were looking to double. So that doesn’t quite pan out. They must have a lot more active subscribers than that or do super well on other apps like One Epic Knight.

That Ambivert Thing Again

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Daniel Kao:

Ambiverts sit on the spectrum of social interaction right in between the introverts and extroverts.

I still don’t like the word. All human beings “sit on the spectrum of social interaction between the introverts and extroverts.” So everyone is an ambivert. It’s weird to say it’s a “spectrum” and then nail down bullet points defining what they are.

All writing about introversion I’ve ever read makes clear there is a spectrum and various qualities at play. In short: it’s complicated, but there are general personality attributes that we can think of as introverted qualities, regardless of how severely you experience it.

This tweener term is meaningless and too all-encompassing to be useful.

90 * 7

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Slice of wheat bread = 90 calories
Slice of bologna = 90 calories
1 Tbsp Mayo = 90 calories
Slice of american cheese = 90 calories

So with two slices of bread to make a sandwich, with two slices of bologna and two slices of american cheese, i.e. the world’s most boring sandwich, that’s 90 * 7 = 630 calories. Some american cheese it even a bit more.


A Quarter Pounder with Cheese is 510 calories.

Comparison Chart by an Extrovert

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

There may be a bit of an anti-extrovert vibe to some of the introvert stuff I post. Unintentional. I don’t think any reasonable introvert would call all extroverts obnoxious soul-sucking jerks. But at the same time, extroverts are often the source of exhaustion and frustration for an introvert so when comparing them the language might get a bit biased.

That’s why I found this chart by Errol Elumir (an extrovert) interesting.

I ran across another Extrovert vs Introvert chart and once again it pegs extroverts as selfish prats, but cries foul about how not all introverts are shy. I don’t think any of the charts are written with any input by an extrovert.

So I found a chart and based this one on it.


Seems fair to me.

10 Myths About Introverts

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Great list from Eli Bishop. I really do think it’s worth fighting this semantic battle over what the word means. There are a bunch of people that could be happier about themselves, but aren’t, because they think these personality traits make them broken. See #10.