Not-So-Fast T-Shirt Folding

So yeah, you’ve seen this:

Here’s the thing. It pre-supposes you have your T-Shirt laid out perfectly flat on a big wide flat surface. My T-shirts come out of the dryer a lump of cloth. Taking the time to lay it out perfectly flat would take longer than me just folding it with my flop-a-smurf-whatever method I’ve been using for years. Even if I could lay it out perfectly flat super quickly, I don’t want to fold my laundry while kneeling on the floor, because I don’t have a big giant empty folding table. ANYWAY.



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3 responses to “Not-So-Fast T-Shirt Folding”

  1. Ryan Tvenge says:

    Amen brother. I tried this too this week and came to the same conclusion.

  2. Jess says:

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  3. Tracee says:

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