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Damsel in Distress

I don’t think you can watch this and not agree there is a problem:

Not-So-Fast T-Shirt Folding

So yeah, you’ve seen this: Here’s the thing. It pre-supposes you have your T-Shirt laid out perfectly flat on a big wide flat surface. My T-shirts come out of the dryer a lump of cloth. Taking the time to lay it out perfectly flat would take longer than me just folding it with my flop-a-smurf-whatever […]


This Apple video is just so dang beautiful:

Mississippi Gary

You Shouldn’t Rob a Bank Without a Plan. You Shouldn’t Use Your Tongue to Stop a Fan.

Doing Both

Alex Garcia on why reporters are ill-equipped to replace photographers in the news room, as the Chicago Sun-Times is doing: That’s because the best reporters use a different hemisphere of the brain to do their jobs than the best photographers. Visual and spatial thinking in three dimensions is very different than verbal and analytical thinking. […]

Old Man Hump

At the Graves Mountain Blugrass Music Festival there is a group of folks that set up a big brown tent along the edge of the campground and hang a sign on it that says “The Humps.” They’ve been coming there longer than I have, so over 10 years. They were a local-ish Bluegrass band I […]

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