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Rate our service a 10!

I’m using a moving company to move me from California back to Wisconsin. A dude came out to my house and gives me an quote and lines up the details about the move. At the end of that, he made clear I should “give him a 10” (or whatever the highest rating was) on the customer survey I’d get after the move. He sort of framed it like, “do me a favor man, I need this.” But the vibe of it was closer to “make sure you do this, otherwise who knows what will happen.” Not those words exactly but like that. I didn’t think they’d do anything malicious (the move would be over by then anyway). It was more like he learned that if he phrased it just right, he could get this survey answer of out of people regardless of how things actually go.

Now I’m sitting here at a Shereton. When I checked in they gave me this sheet of paper with information about the hotel. When things open and close and such. Right at the top it says:

Please share your wonderful experience with us and rate our service at 10 on our guest survey!

Emphasis theirs.

How about I answer honestly on your guest survey? Isn’t that what you want? Isn’t that the feedback you need to make your business better? If anything, shouldn’t you specifically ask for things I didn’t like about my stay so you can improve it?

What a weird broken system. I feel manipulated. The people who look at and use the results are getting bad data. The people who have to write sentences like the one I wrote above feel like they have to to game the system so they look better to their bosses. Pretty lose-lose-lose.

Not the world’s biggest deal, just something to think about.