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“Conquer Introversion”

There is a story in the lastest The Magazine which is introduced by the editor this way:

“…Scott McNulty’s story about D&D helping him conquer his introversion…”

Scott’s story is pretty sweet. It’s about how playing D&D on Friday nights was the source of some social confidence.

D&D made that friendship possible, and it also equipped me with the tools to handle just about any social situation without an overwhelming sense of impending doom, or at least slight social anxiety.

I could probably tell a similar tale about bartending or being in bands. They both helped me be break out of my shell so to speak and gain better social skills.

Scott said:

Applying the lessons I’ve learned from D&D to my life has made me a little less introverted.

Perhaps it did. But more likely it just helped with shyness, social anxiety, making friends, and that kind of stuff. Introversion is related certainly but more about energy.

I love the story and Scott and I are probably very similar, I’m just being protective of the term and it’s meaning. I don’t like the idea of “conquering” introversion as if it’s something bad we have to beat out of ourselves for a better life.