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There is some music festival coming up here in California soon. Coachella. I’ve never heard of it until now but apparently it’s been going for like 12 years. There was a time, not so long ago, I was hugely into music. I would have considered it my #1 interest. I would have looked at a festival lineup like this and I feel like I would have known at least half the bands. If it was a festival I’ve heard of that was folky/jammy specific, it would have been closer to all the bands.

I went through the Coachella lineup and I was lost. I marked the ones I’d even heard of.


Out of 143 bands, I’d heard of 19 (13%). I could name a song from 9 of them. Pretty damn sorry. I gotta my musical shit together. I suspect that the fact that I’m writing a blog post about the percentage of bands I know is a big part of the problem.