November 2012


Making Days

1) I love that PostSecret is still going. 2) I love stories of making peoples day totally randomly. Like this: And like this status update from a friend of mine on Facebook:


I just heard of this digital magazine for web developer: Appliness. I shared it on Twitter. A lot of people love it. Brad Frost had a thought: @chriscoyier “Download Appliness on your tablet device”Nah thanks. I can’t just read on my computer? — Brad Frost (@brad_frost) November 25, 2012 I get his point. I’m a […]

Sally Bangs

I saw Sally bending overShe looked like a four-leaf clover what a banger via Scott


Not that ya’ll need a reminder that domain registrants do shady garbage, but I dislike this kind of thing: That domain is going to expire over two years from now. Thanks for the reminder! Cripes.

Cities in 2012

Cities I was in for at least a day: Palo Alto, CA (lived) San Francisco, CA Madison, WI (four times!) Milwaukee, WI Roslyn, WA Orlando, FL Atlanta, GA Austin, TX Harrisburg, PA Minneapolis, MN Vancouver, Canada London, UK Warsaw, Poland Las Vegas, NV (twice) Elko, NV Idaho Falls, ID Helena, MT Glacier National Park, MT […]

The “I Hope They Sign Up And Never Use This” Business Model

I signed up for MoviePass. It works like this. You pay a monthly fee of $30 and you can see unlimited movies. No “blackout” dates or anything like that. At my location, movies are $8-$11 dollars, so if I see four movies in a month, I’m saving money. The savings go up the more movies […]

Custom Uke

I’m getting a custom made Ukulele made from Mya-Moe. I’m in the early stages, which means picking out the style and wood. For stuff like this, I’m tempted to go with whatever the maker thinks is the absolute best thing going right now. I want the maker to be as excited about the project as […]

Just an Experiment

I deleted all games and all social networking apps from my phone. I was getting sick of being a phone zombie instead of awake and engaged with life. Not trying to make some big statement or anything, I’m just going to try it for at least a month and see if life feels better. It’s […]

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