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I just heard of this digital magazine for web developer: Appliness. I shared it on Twitter. A lot of people love it. Brad Frost had a thought:

I get his point. I’m a fan of computer reading too. And it seems like if it’s free you might as well put the content as many places as you can. Bring your content to the people!

But who knows.

Maybe the content is designed in such a way that it’s really nice inside the app and it would be kind lame to just plunk it on the web without a bunch of art direction.

Maybe they have a very specific business plan and driving app downloads is a huge part of that.

Maybe there is only so many hours in the day and they haven’t gotten around to delivering on the web yet.

Maybe they have a deal with tablet manufacturers that subsidize the magazine if it’s tablet only.

Maybe they are just plain out making a mistake.

I’m not disagreeing with Brad, I’m just saying 1) It’s hard to know the whole picture as an outsider and 2) don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.