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Sweet Spammer Justice

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Email I got:

Hello Support,

I have found the “no-follow link” of our company website on your blog []

And following page is contains the link with the comments;

Anchor Text: Buffalo Web Design
Anchor link:

Please remove the above link of our website from your blog, because due to the link on nofollow page, our website ranking is getting negative effect.

May you know that recently Google have changed the criteria of the back linking, nofollow links are not effective any more.

So can you please remove our website links from your blog?

We are waiting your kind and prompt response.

Thank you,

SEO Consultant
Konoozi LLC
[email protected]

You’re going to get what you want, because I don’t allow spam on my site and it sucks that this one slipped through. But please know: if you don’t fully understand that what you were doing is spam and is bad for the internet (and the world), I think you’re a bad company.


They emailed again:

Hello Chris,

I have read your following blog page,

Sweet Spammer Justice

This is about our company. And the email that I have sent you in regards to removing the comments along back-links of our website, has been public on your blog, which is demolishing our company reputation.

If you are professional than please act professional and remove our company names and email content.

We have rights to get remove our company name to protect the reputation.
We have also rights to hire the copyright lawyer to file a DCMA case against you.

I will wait your prompt reply.

You asked me to remove a link that you spammed my website with. I did that. Now you’re threatening to sue me? You know what? Let’s do this. Have your lawyer get in touch. I’ll put him in touch with my lawyer. We’ll duke this thing out.

I won’t be communicating directly with you except for this public blog post unless my lawyer advises otherwise. I want people to see how you behave as a company. As far as I know, it’s legal for me to have opinions about companies and post them on my blog. So fair warning: I will publish emails you send me here.

Optional Waiting

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

I just opened up StarCraft, since I’m practicing with some friends this week for a big LAN party on Friday. There was this huge update it needed before I could play. Happens sometimes. They need push out game balance updates and fix bugs and stuff. This particular update was like 1.75GB (huge). The update screen looked like this:

For one, the screen allowed you read all about what was included in the update. That’s fantastic. You should tell the user what’s going on. Not to mention it’s something to do while you wait.

Way cooler: you don’t have to wait the entire time. You have to finish the first 1/3 of the update, at which point the game is “playable”. At any time you can click the Play button and skip the rest of the download. But if you wait, the rest of the download will happen and the game will be fully updated. Presumably, the rest of the download is full of graphics updates that aren’t required to play but look nice.