Sweet Spammer Justice

Email I got:

Hello Support,

I have found the “no-follow link” of our company website on your blog [css-tricks.com]

And following page is contains the link with the comments;


Anchor Text: Buffalo Web Design
Anchor link: www.konoozi.com

Please remove the above link of our website from your blog, because due to the link on nofollow page, our website ranking is getting negative effect.

May you know that recently Google have changed the criteria of the back linking, nofollow links are not effective any more.

So can you please remove our website links from your blog?

We are waiting your kind and prompt response.

Thank you,

SEO Consultant
Konoozi LLC

You’re going to get what you want, because I don’t allow spam on my site and it sucks that this one slipped through. But please know: if you don’t fully understand that what you were doing is spam and is bad for the internet (and the world), I think you’re a bad company.


They emailed again:

Hello Chris,

I have read your following blog page,

Sweet Spammer Justice

This is about our company. And the email that I have sent you in regards to removing the comments along back-links of our website, has been public on your blog, which is demolishing our company reputation.

If you are professional than please act professional and remove our company names and email content.

We have rights to get remove our company name to protect the reputation.
We have also rights to hire the copyright lawyer to file a DCMA case against you.

I will wait your prompt reply.

You asked me to remove a link that you spammed my website with. I did that. Now you’re threatening to sue me? You know what? Let’s do this. Have your lawyer get in touch. I’ll put him in touch with my lawyer. We’ll duke this thing out.

I won’t be communicating directly with you except for this public blog post unless my lawyer advises otherwise. I want people to see how you behave as a company. As far as I know, it’s legal for me to have opinions about companies and post them on my blog. So fair warning: I will publish emails you send me here.



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12 responses to “Sweet Spammer Justice”

  1. Mark says:



    677 or 19.09% of all their backlinks contain the exact anchor text “buffalo web design.”

    And he’s right, Google just recently changed the criteria of no-follow links. . . and by recently.. I mean 5+ years ago.

    What this person is doing is trying to cover their butt and get rid of that fat nearly 20% exact match anchor text (spam city USA).

    I LOLed. You should post these more often =)

  2. Tourist says:

    What you are doing right now? Is it not spam? posting private emails on public pages to show your attitude, that is totally wrong and non professional activity.

    You should not target their company in the email. May they have rights to do action against your website? Are you thinking on this too?

  3. Chris Coyier says:

    Nope, blogging my opinion on this company isn’t spam. And since I’m a professional blogger of sorts, it’s professional activity. I’m doing what I feel is right in letting people know this is spammy, pushy, rude, bad company.

  4. Zervas says:

    I find it amusing that you are subtly being threatened for calling out spam when their CIO (or at least somebody claiming to be their CIO) openly admits to their spamming ways here http://www.seomoz.org/q/why-i-am-fail-on-konoozi-com

    “The problem that you mentioned with the links was due to the spamming practices of the earlier SEO expert hired and he was fired because of this reason.”

  5. Ed says:

    Haha looks like seomoz got emailed as well. It’s already down.

  6. Nathan says:

    This has been entertaining. I can certainly see why you’d be frustrated. Even for the fact that you’ve been in direct contact with one of the leeches who are doing their slow, small part to ruin the web on a daily basis. Anyway, I had to check out their site and found this statement interesting:

    “Konoozi …[provides] in house services. That’s right; Konoozi does not outsource any projects. Besides being a local presence, Konoozi ALSO PARTNERS WITH INTERNATIONAL COMPANIES.”

    Isn’t that the definition of outsourcing?

    Further, the language on the site clearly seems to indicate a company who’s copywriters aren’t comfortable with English as their first language. They then have “New York San Francisco Toronto” written above their phone numbers, one of which is for Rochester, NY and one for California. It’s pretty evident that they’re not only not based in America based on their writing, but downright lying about who they are.

  7. ssl says:

    i couldn’t help but watch their homepage video and i was glad i did because i love to see web design companies using comic sans!

  8. hardik says:

    I think Chris has done right thing. i believe it’s his blog and it’s his space he can do whatever he wants. besides its the spamming company who did the wrong not chris so they can’t blame him now.

  9. Robert says:

    What a bunch of losers.
    First they spam their links around (the globe?).
    Then they have to spam their link-spam targets by email to admit to it, and almost beg to have their fails corrected.
    Have the gonads to sign their requests with “SEO Consultant”.
    After their request is honored, they are so retarded to insinuate that publishing their own words is damaging the reputation of their company. And issue empty threats of taking legal action.
    This is even worse behavior than exhibited by a child, of primary school age, not getting their ways.
    I wonder how many of their clients (if they had any) were damaged by

    When they coined the word losers, they must have had “SEO Consultants”??? from Konoozi LLC in mind.

    Here’s some pictures of their staff:

  10. Kevin Leary says:

    My guess… Mr. Konoozi has switched his business model and is now harvesting email addresses.

  11. Dale says:

    I think it’s great you bring this activity to light so we can see how some companies use these type of tactics.

  12. Kris Young says:

    Well done Chris! THE only thing demolishing their company’s reputation is their poor business practices! Outing spammers and other unscrupulous traders is not only professional, it’s our responsibility as web professionals!

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