September 2011


Political Things I Actually Care About

There’s lots of political things that I know I should care about, but it’s nearly impossible to force yourself to care about something. I thought I’d do an honest review of my opinions and catalog the few issues that I really do feel something for.

It’s easier…

It’s easier to critique an already-pretty-good design. It’s easier to repair a nice bicycle with a small problem than a crappy bicycle with the same problem. It’s easier to tell your friend his fly is unzipped than a stranger. I feel like all these things are related somehow.

That’s News

Me: R.E.M. broke up huh? That’s news! My brain: Name me one R.E.M. song. Me: Red Red Wine My brain: Nope, UB40. Me: Imagine My brain: John Lennon, idiot. Me: Automatic for the People My brain: That’s an ALBUM Me: Whatever

Why A/B Testing is Confusing to Me

Let’s say you have two versions of a design and you want to see which design converts users better. You show “Design A” half the users and “Design B” to the other half. Say “Design B” does better. Now you have your answer: use “Design B”.


This is my most despised emoticon.

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