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Wrapup of WordCamp San Francisco 2011

Three weeks ago I moved to “The Bay Area” (Palo Alto, California) from “The Bay Area” (Tampa, Florida). Palo Alto is ground zero of another slang geographic term: silicon valley. It’s no joke, it’s super tech-y out here. Lots of tech events, lots of tech companies, lots of tech people working at tech companies going to tech events. Sweet.

This weekend I attended my first major local tech event: WordCamp San Francisco. I probably wouldn’t have been able to attend the event if not for my newfound proximity to San Francisco. Sweet. Now that I live here, I would have probably gone to this event anyway, but wild horses couldn’t keep me from it since Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress, asked me to come speak there himself.

This was my very first WordCamp ever, which is a little embarrassing really since I’ve been blogging about WordPress, creating screencasts about WordPress, creating online training courses for WordPress, and writing a book about WordPress. I’ve also been asked to speak at WordCamp’s before, but the cards have have never lined up. I’m glad they did this time.

Highlights for me

My talk

I gave a talk as well! I gave my pseudo elements talk, which I’ve given a number of times now which I’ll have to retire here pretty soon. I have really enjoyed giving it as it touches on a lot of things I care about: doing cool stuff with CSS, writing better markup, and being progressive but providing good experience to all browsers.

Taking a page out of Lea Verou’s book I’m going to post some tweets of folks who attended my talk:

I was in your session yesterday. Brilliant, energizing, inspiring… did I say already brilliant? Welcome to the bay! @secretsushi

Best talk ever about CSS pseudo elements @davebonds

Most entertaining and enlightening talk at #wcsf so far has been @chriscoyier’s on CSS3 psuedo-elements #hilarious

Holy crap @chriscoyier is showing CSS Magic right now! @dholowiski

Best presentation at #wcsf by far by @chriscoyier @jwhitney64

Loving @chriscoyier’s talk re: CSS pseudo elements @ #wcsf. Content is helpful, but his engaging presentation style is what makes it fun. :) @the_simplist

It takes a great speaker to do a whole preso on the :before and :after pseudo-elements. Totally enjoying Chris Coyier. @GregF

Listening to Chris Coyier on Pseudo Elements – great (and funny) presenter! @vimcat

The CSS Pseudo Elements presentation by @chriscoyier here at #wcsf is very entertaining and educational. His slides are hilarious. #epic @rachelbaker

Who’s crushing their CSS session at #wcsf? This guy -> @chriscoyier @adriarichards

I want him to sign my book and my chest, most entertaining speaker this weekend! @mcpace

As per usual @chriscoyier is killing it on stage @RichStaats

@chriscoyier just left me tweetless. @tweetsbycrystal