Here’s an email I received from some stock photo selling site (name of person, but not company, withheld):

So lemme get this straight. These are my “collaboration” options?

  • Place links to your site on mine.
  • Write a review of your site, in which I link to your site.
  • Hold a “contest”, a thinly veiled advertisement in which I link to your site.
  • “Post news” about your site, in which I link to your site.
  • Ask you for credits so I can download images, but only can use them if I also post a link to your site.

That sounds like an amazing deal for me! How could I refuse! While we are at it, I’ve made a list of a few more things we can “collaborate” on:

  • You wash my car.
  • You wash my car and then write me a poem about how much you enjoyed washing it.
  • You call up some friends and you all come over and wash my car.
  • You wash my car and then take a picture of it and put it on your refrigerator.
  • I’ll let you borrow my car, once, if you wash it every week forever.

14 responses to “No.”

  1. Boris says:

    I would wash your car! Ill collaborate on anything just to do such an honorable thing.

  2. Josh says:

    And now out of curiosity I have entered their URL in my address bar, which links to their site…

  3. That is beautiful LMAO…
    I also took a look at their website (and the code), it’s surreal.

  4. Jon Spencer says:

    Boy oh boy, they certainly know how to convince. I agree with Josh too, you may have inadvertently promoted them! lol

  5. Wait, are we sure this isn’t a thinly veiled advertisement for their sites where you make us half hate the company so much that we go and visit the website and buy things from them?

  6. Gray says:

    Perhaps, as Josh eluded to, the email was intentionally disgraceful – enough for you to blog about it, linking to their site… wait, I’ve heard this before.

    At least there aren’t any real anchor links!

  7. Hahahaa loved this

  8. Sid says:

    @Gray, here comes the spelling nazi:

    it’s “alluded” not “eluded”.

    And yes, spelling is important. Chris couldn’t get his javascript to work because he misspelled “propagation” LOL.

  9. Aaron Stone says:

    All their collaboration options get you to place a link on CSS-Tricks, linking to their websites.

    They’re simply beating around the bush!

  10. Haha this just showed up in my feed reader.

    Good to know you weed out this kind of crap. It’s why I always read your CSS-Tricks posts first.

  11. Roland Pangu Phd says:

    Hilarious!! This people are from another planet!!

  12. John says:

    Wash your own damn car!

  13. That’s amazing… I wonder if they had any takers.. I love the counter proposal! Thanks for all you do BTW. You are most helpful.

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