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You Can Like Things

I believe you can make a choice in how you feel about new things. You can choose to like new things by default, and only change that opinion if you are overwhelmed the other direction by your experience. I also believe this is the opposite of how most people think. I think most people are naturally skeptical or negative toward new things until overwhelmed the other direction. Next time new-ness is upon you, try it out.

I am going to like this new song.
I am going to like this website redesign.
I am going to like this person I’m meeting.
I am going to like this movie.
I am going to like my new apartment.
I am going to like the new shoes I ordered.

You don’t have to be Mr. Happyfeet all day long. I’m just suggesting you might enjoy your life a little bit more if your mind spent more time liking things than hating them.

This thought was inspired by Apple recently releasing iTunes 10 and I’m seeing tons of hate-talk in the first 24 hours. I think if people defaulted to liking the redesign and gave using it a proper chance (24 hours for a piece of software used so much isn’t enough) the talk would be different. I also recently redesign CSS-Tricks, which was met with loads of hate-talk, only to be getting more comments recently on people “coming around” on the design. Those people wouldn’t need to “come around” if they didn’t default to hating it in the first place.