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10 Things To Do if I Die on the Operating Table

My stepdad was going in for fairly major back surgery. I don’t think there was much chance of him dying (he didn’t), but it was a big deal in that he will never quite be the same even after recovery. Before he went in, he posted this on his refrigerator. He’s known for sending along dumb email forwards, so at first I thought it was just a printout of one of those. It clearly wasn’t, and made me cry a bit.

  1. Clean and oil all my guns once a year
  2. Stop fuel source and run carburetors on snow blower and all mowers before storage
  3. Wax all cars twice a year and don’t forget the ran-x on all windows
  4. New rule, all tools must be replace in shack before lights out
  5. Important! Use snow rake on carport roof at all times
  6. Never run out of Korbel brandy, just in case
  7. Change oil in Corvette in the fall just before storage
  8. Remove battery from rider, store in basement and use charger once a month
  9. Hook up battery tender to Corvette battery when stored
  10. When you sense a storm coming in the evening, say around supper time, stop everything fix a Manhattan and relax and watch it come in

I’m going to honor them in reverse order.