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Things I Found Interesting Around June 26th

Stick with me, baby!Turn the Apple logo on a laptop into a styled duder. iPad + Velcro iOS Icons Made in Pure CSS the stark reality behind most designer/client relationships?Missing Missy An interview with Steven Frank : The Setup BounceThis is the exact app I would have built if I had any development skills at […]

Things I Found Interesting Around June 27th

Programming Culture And PhilosophyI could hack on projects like this and nobody would care at all because I'm a famous programmer, and there is no such thing as famous programmers. I don't exist. I'm an enigma. Finally | a fluid Hicksdesign HTML5 presentation PHP Beautifier Water Power Mensch – A coding font

Things I Found Interesting Around June 22nd

Inside the Mind of Jeff BezosTo promote his decentralized vision of the company, he created "two-pizza teams": highly autonomous task forces with five to seven people — no more than can be fed with two pizzas — who innovate and test new features. Using jQuery and Templating to Pull and Display Your Twitter Updates Rdio […]

10 Things To Do if I Die on the Operating Table

My stepdad was going in for fairly major back surgery. I don’t think there was much chance of him dying (he didn’t), but it was a big deal in that he will never quite be the same even after recovery. Before he went in, he posted this on his refrigerator. He’s known for sending along […]

Things I Found Interesting Around June 21st

How to build a web widget (using jQuery) Is this form field taken?A jQuery placeholder-enabling plugin Vmware Fusion with MAMP Pro? I haven’t actually gotten it to work yet, but it would be nice to be able to see the same localhost stuff on my Windows side as I can on my Mac side Boxee […]

Things I Found Interesting Around June 20th

Hinting Less.js Will Obsolete CSS LouieLouie C.K.’s new show that looks like it’s going to suck a lot less than his last show New feature on Forrst: Public Posts Digital Publishing Done RightQuark is going to make another push back notepad.cca piece of paper in the cloud

Things I Found Interesting Around June 18th

Using a calculator to calculate the modulus (no mod func) RSS Bookmarklet for Google ChromeApparently Google Chrome has no RSS detection stuff yet? Google has some bookmarklets for it though, which is fine for now. I'm switching to Chrome for a week exclusively. Apple’s ButtonsThere’s an odd sentiment among nerds that Steve Jobs (and the […]

Things I Found Interesting Around June 17th

jQuery FundamentalsWow. Ridiculously good and FREE text course on getting into jQuery. World Cup 2010Really nicely designed site showing teams by jersey design. AJAX vs Ajax – Ajax of course! | Java.netI was using AJAX but I think I’ll give up on it, this is pretty compelling. 10 Ways Newspapers Can Improve CommentsOld, and still […]


I was proofreading something the other day and the word “Non Profit” was in the text. I wondered if that was correct. It became quite the rabbit hole. Automatic capitalization is out. You should only capitalize if it’s part of a title, name, or starts a sentence. So the debate is largely “nonprofit” vs. “non-profit” […]

Things I Found Interesting Around June 15th

Sarah Rhoads PhotographersGreat photographers, fun site. I’m Comic Sans, Asshole.Sorry the entire world can't all be done in stark Eurotrash Swiss type. Sorry some people like to have fun. Sorry I'm standing in the way of your minimalist Bauhaus-esque fascist snoozefest. HTML5 Forms Status (The Chromium Projects)

Things I Found Interesting Around June 14th

JSONP / PHPWay you could insert extra content into a Tumblr theme, where you can insert JavaScript but not do something like a PHP include. BP Oil Spill MovieWe OPEN on Billy Bob. He doesn't need the cane anymore — maybe he has some kind of Iron Man cyberleg or something. This will be important […]

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