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Things I Found Interesting Around April 10th

The Wild Hunt by The Tallest Man On EarthComing out Monday. Pretty stoked. I love all his work so far. How I Did It: Jerry Murrell, Five Guys Burgers and FriesGood straight-forward talk on a successful uncompromising business. Hell TetrisReal adaptation of a recent XKCD comic Hide your iPad smudges, with more smudges

Thoughts After a Few Days with iPad

I reserve the right to change my mind on any of this =) The Netflix app is way cool at first glance, but then again, where would I really use this? You would need pretty ace WiFi to use it (not gonna happen over 3G). That means I’m at home (why not just watch the […]

Things I Found Interesting Around April 7th

Letterpress iPad WallpaperFrom Cameron Moll’s latest print ScribblerTooAlmost makes it seem like you are a good sketcher for a minute Arrested Development (2011) Aurgasm » Jónsi

Things I Found Interesting Around April 6th

fotojournal is for sale Advanced Javascript to Improve your Web AppJohn Resig talk UTweet! highlight words with background-color in inDesignWas trying to figure out how to give a character style a background color. The trick is to make an underline really fat and offset.

Plants vs. Zombies

Most mobile games I buy end up being a waste of money. They just don’t hold my interest very long, even if they are fairly well done. Plants vs. Zombies by PopCap is not one of these. I’m squarely addicted. You can get it on your Mac, iPhone/iPod Touch, or iPad. It’s in the “tower […]

Things I Found Interesting Around April 5th

COLOURloversI love this site more and more as time goes on TypeKit + iPadFonts need to be SVG, it kinda works, weird bugs, will be opt-in Prototype 1.7 RC1Looks like good new stuff for Prototype. I may try and wet my feet with it a bit here if I can find some time Will It […]

Things I Found Interesting Around April 4th

CSS generated content techniquesWhat I want to get figured out is how special characters work… All that /2080 stuff still confuses me. PrintMe NetworksI was at a hotel and needed to print something. They used this service and it worked awesomely. Super simple, no bullshit.

Things I Found Interesting Around April 1st

PlayExpo v3.0My alma mater now hosts a game developer expo which looks kinda awesome. Great speakers. Plants Vs. Zombies plush toys!Handmade; would be cool if you could buy them Dharma Initiative Alarm Clock Concept FeedbackRedesigned, looks good. Also Packt Pub had a redesign lately that looks 20x better than their old site. Adding Up […]

Things I Found Interesting Around March 31st

Microsoft Drop Trident from Internet Explorer Why Internet connections are fastest in South Korea LOST: The Animated Series Organic Batter Blaster Colly’s Guide to Iceland Introducing API Version 3 Browser Sandbox – Run any browser from the web

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