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Plants vs. Zombies

Most mobile games I buy end up being a waste of money. They just don’t hold my interest very long, even if they are fairly well done. Plants vs. Zombies by PopCap is not one of these. I’m squarely addicted. You can get it on your Mac, iPhone/iPod Touch, or iPad.

It’s in the “tower defense” genre. Zombies come at you from the right side of the screen. You plant things on the screen to fight against them. Some plants are offensive in that they help kill zombies. Some are defensive in that they will block or slow the progress of zombies. Some plants are utilitarian in that they affect the playing grid in some way, or earn you resources in which to plant more stuff.

There is an adventure mode to go through, which gets progressively more difficult as the zombies that come at you are harder, have more tricks up their sleeve, and the playing surface changes (for example, night time, fog, a pool, etc). After playing the adventure you can quick play any previous level or replay the adventure mode, where you are forced into using randomized plants. During gameplay you earn money which can be redeemed for new cool plants.

I love all the strategy involved. It’s highly nerdy. Here are some nerdy screenshots.

Slow Chompers
With a full row of ice watermelons, chompers have plenty of time to digest.

Cattail Army
The Cattail things can attack zombies in any row, which is badass. With eight of them you are nearly unbeatable.

Roof Encroachment
Throwing some chompers behind pumpkin wearing big potatoes is pretty hardcore, especially that far forward on a roof level.

Spike Front
I love watching zombies have to walk over my spikes.

Economy Army
Super cheap setup.