Things I Found Interesting Around February 27th

  • Decemberists Covers
    I didn’t realize they were so into doing covers live
  • OMGFacts on YouTube
    So their little Twitter idea went viral and now they have built a website around it and a YouTube channel. Sweet. Turns out the girl is hot too, which always helps.
  • World’s Most Influential Designers
  • Drobo Actual Software
    I’ve been having some computer problems (slowness) that I think may be rooted in the Drobo. I wasn’t running any of their software since the new computer. It took me a while to find it on their website, hence the bookmark.
  • Opera Web Browser
    10.5 is out, which has a bunch of CSS3 features including border-radius, used without vendor extension.
  • Blokus
    Fun game
  • Quicken for Mac
    I don’t really understand accounting but I need to get something organized together for 2010. This may be my way in.



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