Winter is the best

Dry, crisp air. The color palette of the world unified by a blanket of white. Getting to wear comfortable clothes all layered up – and you don’t sweat unless you explicitly try to. Everything seems quieter and more relaxed.


5 responses to “Winter is the best”

  1. I live up in Northern Ontario where it is currently -22 outside. Winter is not the best for us. Our fall is like your winter ;-)

  2. Gabriel Poulain says:

    I live up in Bretagne (France) where this Winter we had snow – twice ! At least 2 cm of “blanket of white”. Usulally, it rains from October to March.

    I wish I lived in another country where it’s hot during Summer and cold during Winter. Bretagne’s boring.

    Thank you again for all your work on the internet and pardon me for the bad English ;-)

  3. Logan Leger says:

    In Louisiana, winter still means shorts and sweat.

  4. John Pieters says:

    Love the snowy effect =)

    I have to agree, winter is by far the best time of year.

    I’m from Australia, meaning summer is roughly 30cm away from the core of the sun…!

    Winter lately has also been sunny/hot, nowhere near the 45-ish Celcius that summer brings in though.

    If I were freelancing, I would follow winter around the world hehe.

  5. jeff says:

    I’m all about the summer. Sandals, shorts, crickets chirping, man that’s the best. Winter down here is very tolerable though. Snow is very much a rare novelty. It pretty much just rains for 3 months.

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