Pizza Hut / Dominos Quality Timeline

Oh yes we did.


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15 responses to “Pizza Hut / Dominos Quality Timeline”

  1. David Walsh says:

    Pizza Hut is the greasiest shit in the world. I’ve not had the new Dominos yet.

  2. I agree! The new pizza is so much better!

  3. Brian says:

    Oh yes you did Chris. I am a huge Dominos fan as well since their reformation. They have an awesome coupon as well 9069 which gives you a $5 pie if you order online.

  4. Tyrale says:

    Could not agree more. The new Dominos is on point.

  5. Mike says:

    Tried the new Dominos the other day and loved the new buttery garlic crust!

  6. JP Levac says:

    I love dominos just because of their online-ordering system. It has revolutionized the way I think about pizza :)

  7. Agreed, Pizza hut is constantly going down hill… which is a shame but oh well. I haven’t had to eat it for quite a long time :D.

  8. Paul says:

    Wow, I forgot about pizza hut. I’d try it again now that you reminded me but why bother now that Dominos rocks again.

  9. […] One last thing, my friend and web developer at created a hysterical graph plotting the quality of Pizza Hut against Dominos over time. Check it out here […]

  10. Dan O says:

    I like Pappa John’s!

  11. silly rabbit says:

    Dominos and Pizza hut are second rate. People grow some taste buds and eat real pizza made with real cheese.

  12. Dan P says:

    Silly rabbit, arrogance is for kids!

  13. SAiNT says:

    i prefer small local italian cafe’s instead of large brands – they make trash.

    Pizza Hut is not that bad though :o|

  14. sdafd says:

    Silly rabbit, you’re fat!

  15. Yoosuf says:

    i assume its your personal experience :), In UK Pizza hut rocks ;)

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