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Things I Found Interesting Around January 30th

The Virtual PianoI had a lot of fun playing with chords Professional WordPressNew WordPress book on the streets David Lynch on Product Placement"Bullshit. Total fucking bullshit."

Things I Found Interesting Around January 29th

Recommended Reading ArchiveI just updated my bookshelf on CSS-Tricks too, but I think most of the books on mine are probably ones that most people in web design have already heard of (doesn’t make then any less good). Jason’s bookshelf is more extensive and niche. Alex Payne — On the iPadThe thing that bothers me […]

Winter is the best

Dry, crisp air. The color palette of the world unified by a blanket of white. Getting to wear comfortable clothes all layered up – and you don’t sweat unless you explicitly try to. Everything seems quieter and more relaxed. Really.

Things I Found Interesting Around January 28th

Lost In Five MinutesFunniest recap I’ve seen yet… "She gives me a case of the boners like no one else on LOST" Basic Photography Lighting Setups Tutorial VideoMy boss just bought a whole big pack of lighting equipment. This is a killer video (with sample photos) of different lighting setups for different effects iPhone Controlled […]

Things I Found Interesting Around January 27th

Don’t just roll the dicea usefully short guide to software product pricing 5 by 5Consolidated home for podcasts which either feature or have something to do with Dan Benjamin Free Publicity: Who do we help?Though Apple is a reasonably progressive company, they explicitly don't give a shit about poor people. (Let's pretend I found a […]

Something On The Clipboard

Ever ⌘-C something and then get distracted? Then there is this nagging feeling in the back of your head. It’s similar to when you have a drink set down somewhere you know you didn’t finish. What should we call that feeling, when you have something on your clipboard you know you need to paste before […]

Things I Found Interesting Around January 26th

app.itize.usiPhone App Blog – there are a lot of these but mostly they suck. Nice to have app blogs to keep us informed of non-shitty Apps that surface in that quagmire that is the App Store. LOST PostersLOST LOST LOST, week from yesterday. Baseball Rule Change TimelineBaseball is one old game. Merlin Interviews Seth The […]

Things I Found Interesting Around January 25th

Blues MakerMake your own blues song 99 Years and 1 Dark DayI like old time music, less so bluegrass. But once in a while I get the urge to listen to some hardcore traditional bluegrass. The Punch Brothers (not normally this genre) really rock some out in this video. HDR PhotographyI like HDR when it’s […]

Things I Found Interesting Around January 22nd

Things That Are Doing ItHuh huh, penises and vaginas. Simple "Long Polling" example code Twitter AvatarsShape of twitter bird, re-imagined into a different critter Narwhal. Co.Cool stuff made out of old ties 300&65 Ampersands Internet Online Website! The Zoomable Mapon paper! Bill Gates Foundation Annual LetterI’m a fan of Bill Gates “The Man”, just not […]

Things I Found Interesting Around January 21st

DesignersMusic ‘Tamale Guy’We saw him out and about the other night. Kind of a cool guy with an interesting story BookBooka unique new leather MacBook case that looks just like a vintage book Best RickRoll Ever YouTube + HTML5No Firefox support yet Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

Things I Found Interesting Around January 20th

ColorBoxApparently this is becoming the gold-standard jQuery lightbox. Noted. Lost PredictionsGet yourself an account and register your predictions BumpTop MacDoes some crazy shit to your desktop. For some reason this kinda scares me. Like back in the OS 9 days when you had too many weird things running and it caused weird conflicts and slowness. […]

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