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You can’t dress up as a hipster for Halloween. Their attire is already so bizarre that there isn’t an exaggeration of it that looks like a costume. It would just look like you are another hipster about to read a poem about reading poems and scoff at soccer moms.

My friend Justin thinks he figured it out. Hipsters “stand” for irony. Which is in itself ironic since irony is a moving target and thus not something you can really “stand” for. But that’s irony right? It gets confusing quickly.

The non-conformist part of it is endlessly amusing. Being a non-conformist means you can’t wear the same skinny jeans and oversized glasses you saw 300 other people wearing last week. That’s called being a conformist. Ah, but there is the irony, isn’t it?

All this isn’t unique to hipsters though. Hipsters evolved from hippies who had similar problems. At least hipsters don’t try to save the environment by driving across the country in old inefficient buses to listen to “jam bands” play 30 minute “songs” which are other stoned-out hippies playing one chord until their buzz wears off.

Hey, I had patchwork pants too in college. I’m just sayin’.