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Favorites (RSS feeds)

I favorite tweets in Twitter. I favorite videos in YouTube. I favorite screenshots in ScrnShots. I star posts in Google Reader. I digg things on Digg. I save things in Delicious. I thumbs up things in StumbleUpon. (I used to be WAY addicted to StumbleUpon so I had to delete my account to force myself […]

Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Uninformed

Hello, I’m looking for a price for a custom wordpress theme created by you for a website of mine. I’m not too interested in telling you much about the website, I’m just looking for a design to be made. Thanks, Jim Hey Jim, Design exists to serve the content. No designer is going to agree […]

Ways to Improve Pitchfork Music Festival

Turn it up. It was far too quiet. If you didn’t want to jam your way up to the front of a stage to hear better, you were left with muffled quiet shitty sound. More Porta-Potties. People were not kidding Saturday when they were saying they spent more time peeing than they did watching music. […]


I’ve made it! Hopefully I’ll get some photos posted of the journey soon. I managed to completely ruin my old desk during the move, which was a bummer. So I went to Office Max this morning and bought a 6′ hard plastic banquet table for $66 and it’s twice as good as my stupid old […]

Old Devils

William Elliot Whitmore’s Animals In The Dark is the shit. It’s my “album of the year” so far for sure.

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