Little Redesign There Hey

Just decided it was time. This one is a bit more my style. The last design I liked in many ways, but it was intended to be more generic and customizeable (which is why it made good fodder for that series of screencasts). This one is more personal to me and matches more my current style. It’s not done of course, but this is going to be a great base for growing with.

Critique welcome.

13 responses to “Little Redesign There Hey”

  1. Tommy Day says:

    The twitter bird looks like it just woke up.

  2. Really dig the redesign, looks a bit like a pre-cms style but integrated into one (does that make sense?)

    Are you hoping to do another ‘how to build a WordPress site’ series based on it, the episodes where you created the last design are my fav’s.

  3. Jessi Hance says:

    It’s a tad busy for my taste, but still, I like! It’s very personable. It reflects your thoughtful design, playfulness, openness and friendliness.

    Tommy’s right about the twitter bird. I figure you must have intended that sleepy look.

    Many thanks for those screencasts, by the way. I used them as the starting point for my blog’s theme, and I had a blast doing it. If not for your tutorials, I probably would have procrastinated the attempt for some years.

  4. John Downey says:

    Looks awesome… clean and simple, definitely an improvement! If I were to give any critique it would be the center column is a little too big, taking away focus from the main content. The Twitter bird also looks a little stoned, but to each their own :)

  5. kyle says:

    I like the images on the portfolio page – would be nice to see that effect used for all the content images. I think the centre column is a tad too big, so it’s hard to really know where to look, but we’ll see what the final results are like.

    Also, apparently I need to enter an email address to submit but it doesn’t say it is required until I submit.

    I know it’s a pretty standard requirement now, but even still.

  6. Chris Coyier says:

    The portfolio is one thing that desperately needs a redesign. That’s gonna take special consideration and will happen later down the road.

    I hear what people are saying about the content area but I think I’ll probably leave it as less dominant that the other areas. While technically this is a blog, I’m really more interested in it being a portal page to the rest of what I do elsewhere. This site is way down the list of where I focus my attention typically, you know?

  7. Doug G says:

    The Tweeter bird looks like it’s saying, “Meh! Here it is.”

    The only problem I have is that the font size is too small. Bumping it up to 13px seems better to me; 14px is a bit much, but not overwhelming. For reference I’m looking at this on a 13in’ MacBook, 1280×800 resolution in FF3.

  8. Craig says:

    “The site you are looking at now (unless this is like 2010 or later)”, says you about 6 months ago. So I guess you’re a year early but so far I really like the design. Clean and simple – looking forward to the rest of it.

  9. This is great fodder for my imagination. I can see where this adds flexibility. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

  10. John says:

    Question, how did you run all old post images through a resize?

  11. Chris Coyier says:


    I didn’t =).

    I just set:

    .post img {
    max-width: 100%;

    Kinda hacky….

  12. Nathan says:

    Nice work! Ya know you should release this for a theme as well!

  13. Love the theme, you should really release this! I would pay for it!!

    Love it!

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