GMail Not Archiving The Same?

I receive and send a good amount of email every day. I friggin’ love GMail. There are so many features that make it perfect for me. Threaded conversations, starring, IMAP, easy filters, the list goes on. The fact that it’s in the cloud is great for me.

I also love “archiving” my email instead of deleting it. I have every single email I’ve ever sent to received since 12/12/04. And I can search through it with the power of google in seconds. Awesome.

Because I do so much emailing, I’m sensitive to little changes, and I have noticed one recently.

When I reply to an email, I immediately press the “archive” button so it goes into All Mail and away from my inbox. I’m an inbox-zero kinda guy. But recently, if I have an email thread open, reply to it, and hit archive, it tells me it archives it but seconds later I find it at the top of my inbox like I never archived it.

Anyone else notice this? Just me?

7 responses to “GMail Not Archiving The Same?”

  1. Dan B. Lee says:

    Might be just you. I archive items as well, not everything, but some items, and it disappears from my Inbox and I find it in my all mail folder. Wish I could help past that. Call google, ask them to reboot the internet.

  2. Paul Davis says:

    The whole service seems to be acting weird ll over, for me.

  3. Sean says:

    I’m also a zero inbox guy and I haven’t noticed what you’re seeing.

    What do you mean by threaded conversations? I have conversations, but I don’t believe they are threaded.

  4. Tim Wright says:

    One of the many reasons Google never takes anything out of Beta :)

  5. Chris

    This may be your answer. Google just released a new “Send & Archive” feature.

    You have to enable it in ‘Labs’, it allows you to reply to a thread and have it immediately archived.

  6. Chris Coyier says:

    I wonder if it was the testing of that new feature that had it screwed up there. I have enabled this and am loving it so far!

  7. It must be that stupid Favicon that Google is using. It is screwing everything up.

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