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My Favorite iPhone Apps

I’m gonna just go ahead and post the 1,967,979th blog post on favorite iPhone apps. I don’t why this kind of post is so compelling to write, but I guess that’s the power of Apple.


Word on the street is that Google has secret API’s behind a number of their services that they only selectively give access to. Despite the fact that I think that is kind of shady, it has given birth to my most-used iPhone app of all time: Byline. It’s an extremely well-designed interface for Google Reader.


I’m no Peggy Hill, but I like me some Boggle. Wurdle is actually more fun than Boggle, a feat that few game translations achieve. You drag your finger across letters to spell words and it’s the most addictive game I’ve ever played. Super easy to jump in and play anywhere. The lady at Subway had to shout to get my attention one time because I started a game while waiting my turn to pick veggies.


I use it on my desktop and I use it on my phone. I think the Icon Factory has done a great job making Twitter clients that mesh with the hardware at hand. Twitteriffic just feels good to use. There is a free one which works perfectly well and I would probably use (the ads are pretty chill), but I figured I’d go premium and show some support.