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Firefox & Google Gears Problem

This has been bugging me for probably months now. I have tried everything I know how to do, and I’m completely stuck.

Whenever I visit Google Reader, I get a Firefox popup telling me that I’m missing a plugin. “Additional plugins are required to display all the media on this page.”

Now it’s doing it when I view the admin side of CSS-Tricks too:

If I click the button to get the plugin, it does it’s little obligatory search and tells me if finds no suitable plugins. But the text it shows does have a clue.

Unknown plugin (application/x-googlegears)

So it might have something to do with Google Gears eh? To be honest I don’t even understand Google Gears. And right now, I don’t even want to, I just want this damn popup to go away.

Under Google’s documentation on uninstalling Google Gears. It tells me to go under Tools and Extensions, find it, and disable it. That’s great, but it’s not there, it doesn’t look like I have it installed. Google also tells me that if I go to that I will “clearly be able to tell if I have it installed or not”.

Clearly my ass. It says nothing on if I have it installed or not, I just get another damn popup. If I view this page in Safari, the page clearly tells me this browser isn’t supported. Why no such message on Firefox?

I’ve searched my local computer for any mention of google gears, thinking perhaps it’s a weirdly-screwed up half-installed version somewhere causing the problem, but didn’t get anything. I even completely uninstalled Firefox (AppZapper), and reinstalled, no luck. In searching around trying to find other such victims, nothing.

Save me jebus!