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Graves Mountain

I got my tickets and information from Graves Mountain yesterday. Graves Mountain holds a bluegrass festival every year that I attend and always have a great time.

Reasons why Graves Mountain is so great:


    <li>Located in a beautiful valley in the Blue Ridge mountains </li>
    <li>Extremely friendly staff who do their best to make sure you have a good time </li>
    <li>Everyone has a refreshing old-time simple country attitude </li>
    <li>Round the clock impromptu jams in the campground with talented musicians </li>
    <li>Country Ham sandwiches available at the little corner grocery store </li>
    <li>Ten bucks for all the wood you can fit in your trunk </li>
    <li>The beautiful cold mountain rivers </li>
    <li>The interactivity between stage musicians and the audience </li>