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$12k Just for Smug? Nah.

The Hybrid Accord is in danger of being pulled from the Honda lineup since customers are not impressed with what little the car has to offer. The hybrid boasts MPG ratings of 25/34, nearly identical to the automatic version at 24/34 and actually less than the manual transmission model at 26/34. But but but, the hybrid offers slightly improved acceleration and a neat little hybrid logo on the back bumper so everyone knows how Earth conscious you are. With the Hybrid Accord coming in at an average of twelve grand more than the non-hybrid models, its no wonder consumers are avoiding the car.

<h3>What else are consumers avoiding recently?</h3>


    <li>Blue VD Vodka</li>
    <li><a href="">Gizmondo</a></li>
    <li>Buy Nothing Day</li>
    <li>non-iPod MP3 Players</li>
    <li>Reduced Fat Peanut Butter</li>
    <li>Education, Sobriety, Rationality, Patience</li>