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Jim Diamond, the sound mixer from the 2000 White Stripes album “De Stijl”, is suing the White Stripes. He says he deserves a portion of the royalties from the album since he helped developed the bands “signature sound”.

I was aware of the importance of sound mixers. They certainly have a lot to do with the quality of a recording and therefore it’s success. But to claim you are owed royalties because you helped create their sound? Preposterous. Especially when we are talking about a band that has enjoyed successful live shows well before and after this album, completely without this joker. Besides, I would think people working on big commercial recordings like this are well aware of their involvement and what their compensation will be.

This would be a bad precedent to set for bands worldwide.

If the White Stripes lose this case, who should they sue in return?


    <li>Their fans, since they helped create their "signature look"</li>
    <li>The UN, for having any Army with seven nations</li>
    <li>Dodge, for selling a Neon with white stripes on it</li>
    <li>You, for not ringing their doorbell</li>


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