Robot Snakes On A Plane

robot snake

After seeing this CNN article, Tim writes in to say:

We all know the day cannot come soon enough for the release of the blockbuster film Snakes on a Plane, but it would be irresponsible for us to think of a blockbuster movie without considering an equally epic sequel.

Therefore, I present to you “Robot Snakes on a Plane: You can’t kill us because we’re not really alive”

You can’t argue with that.

Here are some of the sequel titles that got scratched:


    <li>Snakes on a Spaceship</li>
    <li>Salamanders in a Tent</li>
    <li>Bride of Snakes</li>
    <li>(Prequel:) Snakes in a Swamp</li>
    <li>United 93</li>


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