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Drinking Ourselves To Death

Homo Sapiens have existed for about 200,000 years. Other than the bit of milk from our mother’s teet, water was the only beverage mankind enjoyed. Sure, the juice from fruit and vegetables did their part to keep us hydrated, but water was the workhorse. Today, your average human might drink a glass of water a day. The vast majority of beverage consumed by humans is milk, soda, juice, coffee, and tea – which all contain various unnatural chemicals, not to mention calories.

Not counting all the time and different species we evolved from (who were all in the same boat, beverage-wise), 97.5% of our history we were drinking nothing but water. In the last 1% of our history, we have rushed into primarily drinking carbonated decaffeinated sugar water. Can our evolution handle such a shock? Is it any coincidence that obesity is the epidemic that it is?

Other things that we do that are completely opposite to our evolution:


    <li>Explore Outer Space</li>
    <li>Order pizza</li>
    <li>Not breed until our 30's</li>
    <li>Settle disputes in a civilized manner</li>