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Things Tech People Say In Casual Interviews:


    <li>It was fun to do that. He's an amazing person. He was able to ad lib and I think we spent a little over three hours and got it done.</li>
    <li>No. No.</li>
    <li>So, I think people have to [understand] what a open tool the internet is, despite any firewall stuff or any takedown orders that get given. People need to really understand what a tool for openness it is.</li>
    <li>No, in fact that's one thing I like about the tech culture — is that we wake up every day thinking about companies like Wang or Digital Equipment.</li>
    <li>Oh different diet drinks. Diet Coke, Diet Orange, Diet Fresca — I like all of those.</li>
    <li>I think we need to renew our competitiveness.</li>
    <li>Oh, I'm serious when I do my work. I'm not serious when I'm home with my kids.</li>