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Killing Spree

Associated Press:

A Bengal tiger attacked and killed its owner at a former animal breeding business, the latest in a series of recent maulings involving captive exotic animals in the state….A 10-year-old boy was left partially paralyzed last summer after being attacked by a lion and tiger at a Little Falls residence. Last April, four tigers attacked and wounded a 37-year-old woman in southeastern Minnesota.

That’s a pretty crazy killing spree.

<h3>Why are tigers so violent in Minnestoa?</h3>

    <li>Sick of people talking about the parking problem at the Mall of America</li>
    <li>Weather not quite as balmy as Southern India</li>
    <li>Being a prisoner just isn't their thing</li>
    <li>Disappointed that Midwestern Courtesty doesn't apply to tigers</li>
    <li>Unleashing revenge on the people for electing Jesse Ventura</li>