Screendoor on a Battleship

Associated Press:

Apple Computer Inc. unveiled software Wednesday to help owners of its new Intel-based Macs run Microsoft Corp.’s rival Windows XP operating system, despite the computer maker’s insistence it won’t assist such efforts.

I feel like I should be shocked, but at this point, if Apple says they absolutely aren’t going to do something, it pretty much means they are absolutely doing it.

<h3>Here are some other things Apple is probably working on:</h3>

    <li>the iPlasma HDTV</li>
    <li>the Mac Mini Home Media Edition with DVR</li>
    <li>the iGo (Apple-centric replacement for your eGo)</li>

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  1. Zervas says:,,2-2105800,00.html
    “core” business, I get it.

    Basically Apple agreed to stay out of the music business when they were sued by Apple Records (the Beatles) who had copy written the name years earlier. Of course they are not doing this.

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